Outfitter Liquor Store


Outfitter Liquor Store is open 8 AM to Midnight 7 days a week!

Coldest Beer in town – Kegs and Suitcases available.

Wide variety of Fine Wines & Superb Spirits. Rare brands and imported beers in stock.

Quantity discounts available.

What you can take over the Canadian border

Alcoholic beverage limits 
(While bottle sizes vary, the amounts listed are fixed.)






Up to1.5 litres

Up to53 fluid ounces

Two 750 ml bottles of wine.

Alcoholic Beverages

Up to1.14 litres

Up to 40 fluidounces

One large standard bottle of liquor

Beer or Ale

Up to8.5 litres

Up to 287 fluidounces

Approximately 24 cans or bottles(355 ml each) of beer or ale.

You are allowed to import only one of the amounts listed in the table free of duty and taxes, as part of your personal exemption.